About Us

What is Eazimart

Launched in August 2006, Eazimart.com is surely an online marketplace that brings consumers together to buy and sell almost anything online.

How Eazimart works

Anyone who wishes to sell products online can list items for sale on our website. Sellers can set a start time, duration, pricing, provide an in-depth description and pictures for the items they are selling. Other users are able to look at the site and get items they really want. In case there are sales, the Eazimart system puts the buyer and seller in touch with the other. It is then up to the seller to ship your items and make sure it reaches the customers. If the seller fails to deliver the item Eazimart support is always here to help.

Eazimart makes its money by charging the seller a commission which can be between two and 5 percent on all successful sales. For high price items like cars and properties, we just charge a flat listing fee per item.

Who should use Eazimart

Anyone in all countries who want to sell their new or used items and make some extra cash! Similar to international sites, for example, eBay.com and Amazon.com, many sellers have begone creating a business out of selling on Eazimart website.

Buyers can find great deals on Eazimart also. With a wide selection of items on the site on the market at the same time, deals are everywhere.